How to Create a ChestShop (Buying and Selling Items)

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How to Create a ChestShop (Buying and Selling Items)

Postby zanetheinsane » Mon Jan 05, 2015 2:40 pm

You will notice that there is a "/money" command. What can you do with money? You can sell items to your fellow players as well as buy items from them.

We are using ChestShop: [url]Need to update URL[/url]

This mod lets anybody set up a physical shop in the game that players can either buy items from or sell items to. The cost of setting up a shop is FREE!. Your shop comes with free LWC protection meaning that nobody can access the ChestShop but you (or an admin).

Setting up a shop is easy, just follow these steps:
  • Place down the chest you want to be your shop. If you wish to set up shop in the Market, see
  • If you are selling items, place the item you are selling into the chest.
  • Place a sign 1 block away from your chest. This is usually directly over your chest (on the wall behind it) but can also be to either side of it.
  • The text of your sign should read as such:
    • First Line: Always leave this blank
    • Second Line: The number of items traded each transaction (i.e., 1 for a single item, 64 for a stack)
    • Third Line: The price will be in one of these three formats: "B #", "S #", "B # : S #" (no quotes)
      If you specify "B", this is the price people buy the item from your chest shop at and you receive money.
      If you specify "S", this is the price that you buy items from players, and money is deducted from your account.
      You can use the combination method. Just separate the two formats with a colon (":") and players can do both transactions from the same chest.
      Remember: use only whole numbers for gold. 1 is 1 Gold. 10 is 10 Gold. Etc.
    • Fourth Line: Item Name or Item ID.
      Use the command "/iteminfo" to see the information of the item you are holding.
      You can use the literal name (Diamond Pickaxe) or the item ID (278).
      If you use the Item ID it will automatically replace the number with the name of the item. This is usually easier.
      Some items are a "subtype" of another item. Granite is technically considered Subtype 1 of Stone. Since Stone has an itemID of "0", Granite is "0:1" (you can also use "stone:1").
      You can optionally put ? on line four. If you do this, you already need to have an item in your ChestShop. ChestShop will use the first item (if you have multiple) it finds in your chest and fill in the information automatically.
  • Here is an example shop:
    In this shop, the creator's name is AcrobatPL. He is buying and selling stacks (64) of Diamonds. "B 10" indicates that you can buy the stack of diamonds from the shop for 10 Gold. "5 S" (you can put the price and B/S backward and ChestShop will still recognize it) indicates that you can sell your own stack of diamonds to his shop and you will be payed 5 Gold for them.

How do I buy and sell from the shops?
Using the chest shop is easy. If you see a ChestShop sign, simply Left-Click on the sign to Buy the item from the chest, or Right-Click on the sign to sell the item to the chest. Technically this is reversed from the default settings if any of you have ever used ChestShop before. We tried out the default settings and found that the standard nomenclature of "Buy - Sell" on the signs better translated to "Left - Right" on the mouse. Be careful when clicking on signs, all sales are final!

  • Q: Can I sell multiple items out of one chest?
    A: Yes, but it can be a little tricky. As long as your sign is 1 Block away from the chest, it will use that chest for the shop. You can have a chest with a sign on the wall behind it, a sign to either side of it. This also means you can have free-standing shops that don't need walls behind them (simply put down a 'standing' sign next to your chest).
  • Use the "S" (sell to you) option with caution. At the moment there is no way to set a limit on the number of items a player can sell to you. Transactions take place even if you are offline. If you set up a shop to buy an incredibly common item from players, like Dirt or Cobblestone, you could wake up to find a depleted bank account.
  • A workaround on the above: since the items sold to you literally go into the physical chest that you have set up, the limit of the items sold to you is equal to the capacity of the chest. One trick is to fill the chest up with dirt, leaving only the amount of room for the number of items you wish to buy.
    • An example of this. I need to buy cobblestone but I only need 5 stacks of it. I set up a shop with these four lines (using /iteminfo to find the ItemID of cobblestone is 4): "(blank) / 64 / S 10 / 4". Now I've created a shop buying stacks of cobblestone from players for 10 Gold each, but I don't want to log off and come back to more cobblestone than I need. What I can do is place a single dirt is every square of the ChestShop except for 5 spaces. Once the chest is full, players will no longer be able to sell items to it!
  • Q: Why do I put "B" on the sign when I'm selling items to players and "S" on it when I'm buying items. This is confusing!
    A: Always look at it from the viewpoint of the other players approaching your shop. When they approach your shop, they see "B", which to any other player means "Buy from Shop". When they see an "S", they think "Sell to Shop". Remember those phrases and it should be easy to get.
  • Remember to restock your shops! You will get an in-game message if a player tries to buy items from you and your shop is empty.
  • Q: How do I safely destroy a shop?
    A: Break your sign's shop while sneaking.
  • Q: Can I change the information on my shop?
    A: You can use the "Signs" plugin we have to edit shops by sneaking and right-clicking on your shop. Editing a sign is recognized ingame as the same as destroying and replacing a sign. There is no way around this limitation. There is no real danger in this at the moment because creating a shop is free. If there were a cost for creating a shop it would charge you every time you edited your sign.

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Re: How to Create a ChestShop (Buying and Selling Items)

Postby zexcis » Tue Jan 06, 2015 5:13 pm

I am buying/selling some Nether items, check the Market!

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