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Postby zanetheinsane » Sat Dec 31, 2011 5:34 pm

Welcome to the Meinkraft server. This server is mostly a "vanilla" server with only the addition of a few plugins to improve the quality of the game. Please read the sticky threads for an overview of the most important information you will need for playing on the server.

Important information about upgrading your Minecraft client:

The Meinkraft server uses a number of custom bukkit plugins. When a new version of Minecraft comes out, it takes the plugin programmers and developers time to update all of their plugins to be compatible with the new version of Minecraft. This can sometimes take weeks depending on what mods are being used which is why we try to keep the number of server mods to an absolute minimum and usually only use very popular plugins. What that means is that when a new version of Minecraft comes out we will not immediately update the server.

If you update your client you can now edit your profile from the launcher page in order to 'downgrade' your version to join compatible servers:


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