Meinkraft Server Information/Rules/Maps

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Meinkraft Server Information/Rules/Maps

Postby zanetheinsane » Thu Sep 01, 2011 8:57 am

Cookeville Meinkraft Server:

Version Information
Minecraft Version: 1.8.1 (/version does not report this correctly)
CraftBukkit Version: spigot-craftbukkit-1.8
Server Seed: 1059770603518854152 (1.8.1 seed)

Mode: Survival
Difficulty: Hard
Monsters: On
PVP: Off
MobGriefing: Off (Monsters cannot affect blocks. For example, Creeper explosions do not harm blocks and Endermen will not steal blocks.)
Day/Night: There are 3 daylight cycles and then 1 nighttime cycle. Use "/timefold" to see which part of the cycle the server is in.

Server Administrators:
There are currently three primary administrators for the server. Contact us if the server is down without any warning. The server is set to automatically restart following any sort of crash. Usually if the server is down and remains that way it is most likely a power outage or internet outage. The server will come back online as soon as possible in those situations.

  • Phone: 931^3O3^7961
  • Steam: zanetheinsane
  • Email: zanetheinsane@[nospam]
  • Has physical access to the server
  • Contact through Steam. If not possible, text.

  • Steam: zexcis
  • Has physical access to the server
  • Contact through Steam

  • Phone: Some Europe bullshit
  • Email: brent.gauspohl@[nospam]
  • Steam: teslas
  • Has remote access to the server
  • Do not contact unless it is urgent and you cannot reach Aaron or Eliot

I do check the forum so if you don't have Steam you can also send a pm or just make a post.

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Server Rules

Postby teslas » Mon Jan 02, 2012 10:52 pm

Minecraft SMP: Survival Multiplayer

  • Respect the Town:
    The starting island is very large. There are no build restrictions one you get the "You have left town" message but please try to move further out before building your personal areas. The train system is designed to take you off of the island in one of four directions. Please see this thread on how to operate the train.
  • Do not kill the villagers on the starting island:
    Currently there is no way to protect the Villager NPCs from being killed. If there was I would immediately turn them invincible. We have one leatherworker NPC at the moment and this will be the only way to get saddles other than getting lucky and finding one in a dungeon.
  • Do not destroy the two villages on the starting island.
  • Do not spam chat:
    The chat, do not spam it.
  • Do not steal:
    If it's in a chest and it's not yours, don't take it.
    We will be using a mod called LWC that will allow you to protect chests. Just because a chest is not protected does not automatically give you the right to take things from it.
    The chest outside the Mini Mart (by the graveyard) is the donation chest. You can take needed items from it or dump random things you think another player may need.
  • Give people room:
    If you see that somebody has obviously started building or mining at a location be sure to ask them first if it's okay to build near them. Always ascertain if past work is actually abandoned before moving in or modifying anything. The world is, quite literally, infinitely large and there is more than enough room for a bajillion people. Just keep on runnin'. More elbow room makes everyone happy.
  • No TNT:
    Do not play with large amounts of TNT. If you are going to play with TNT anyway please make sure it is very far away from everyone or you are 100% positive it will only affect your work. TNT has legitimate uses in the game but most players on other servers instead use it to grief. Even if you accidentally do something bad with TNT you will be punished as if you were griefing because you should not have been playing with it near other people to start with.
  • No Duping:
    Duping = Ban. I am not sure if it is still possible, but if you want to cheat go play creative mode or on another server. Any exploit that causes server instability or affects item integrity will not be tolerated. Other in-game exploits, especially humorous ones, should be heinously abused and shared with the community.

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Automatic Map Updates

Postby teslas » Fri Jan 13, 2012 2:20 pm

The interactive Overviewer map updates once every day at 5:00 am. The render usually takes anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes depending on how large the map gets and how many changes have been made since the last render. The new map may not be completely available until a short time after the render starts.

There may be a slight amount of server lag during these renders. Links to the maps can be found on the main page at You may need to force refresh the page or delete your browser's cache to get the map to update once a new version has been rendered.

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