It works!

Meinkraft Server is UP!
The Minecraft server is back up and running on 1.11.2!

I finally got the Minecraft server back up and running on new hardware this year. I upgraded to 1.11.2 earlier
in the year but then they released 1.12. I don't have any plans to upgrade to 1.12 just yet. It took a while to
get most of the plugins working again.

Most plugins are working. The two that I know may be broken are Stables (for your horses) and the plugin that
records how many times you have died.

As you may have noticed, the webserver was down for quite a while. I've got some new hardware and brought it back to life.

Meinkraft Forums!

If you register for the forums, it will tell you that it will send you an email for activation.
This is a lie. An admin will need to approve your registration. We'll try to check these pretty
regularly when we get new players. Hit us up with a message ingame if you're still not active.
We'll work on getting something together for the email.

Meinkraft Interactive Map (Overviewer)

PLEX Media Server (Login Required)